Manny Pacquiao has had one of the most miraculous careers of all-time, and when all is said and done he will be remembered in the record books as one of the best pound for pound boxers in history. He’s accomplish more than most fighters could dream about, and of course, none of it came easy. Pacquiao switched up his style midway through his career and continued training with the best boxing accessories and boxing supplies in order to get to where he is today.

Pacquiao started his boxing career still as a teenager, and he was fighting in the teeny-tiny weight classes that most boxing fans in the United States don’t pay much attention to. He had a few setbacks but also won a few titles along the way, and started to show some promise. Then he moved to the United States and began jumping in weight towards super bantamweight and featherweight, and that’s when things really got interested.

Pacquiao began training with Freddie Roach, and together the duo would go on to accomplish fantastic things. Probably for the first time in his professional life and career, Pacquiao wasn’t wanting for any of the boxing accessories or boxing supplies needed to train. He had the best equipment, a great trainer, and more, and he could finally reach his true potential as a result.

Quite simply, he took the world by storm. He met Marco Antonio Barrera and absolutely destroyed him in spectacular fashion. From there, his ascent has been unparalleled. He would win a trilogy against Erik Morales, win once and draw once against Juan Manuel Marquez, beat Barrera again, and more, and this was all still while he was fighting at 126 and 130 lbs.
Then he continued to shock the world by moving up in weight, first to lightweight, then junior welterweight, then welterweight and even a brief foray into junior middleweight. At every step of that journey towards bigger and better things, he was always doubted, but he always kept proving everyone wrong.

It enabled him to win titles in more weight classes than any boxer in history before him, and it’s a total that’s likely to never be met by anyone else. The names and legends he continued to beat became quite a long list indeed. In addition to the above, Pacquiao would go on to defeat Oscar De La Hoya, brutally knock out Ricky Hatton, beat down Miguel Cotto, and add a win against Antonio Margarito as well.

All of this was possible for Pacquiao because of how hard he worked, and how he was able to hook up with a great trainer and a great team that enabled him to utilize proper boxing supplies and boxing accessories. He’s one of the best of all-time, and fans will always look back on his career and enjoy remembering how he dominated his opposition. Pacquiao is one of the true greats in boxing history, he fought all of the best fighters that he could, and he always came out on top and entertained the fans at the same time.


David Haye – A True Champion

Posted: March 22, 2011 in Boxing

David Haye has taken the boxing world by storm over the past few years. The brash British fighter is a two-division champion and is one of the most talented fighters in any weight class. In addition to his great skills, and his already formidable career, he’s also known for his great athleticism, physique and his power. Just like any great world champion, it all starts in the gym though, and success is only accomplished through hard work and dedication.

Haye started his professional career in 2002 as a cruiserweight fighter, and was just 22 years old. He quickly progressed through the ranks, however had a setback when he lost by stoppage to Carl Thompson in 2004. Undeterred, he returned to action just three months later and by the end of 2005 he was the European cruiserweight titlist. He went on to defeat an undefeated Giacobbe Fragomeni among others, and then got his world championship shot against Jean Marc Mormeck at the end of 2007. Mormeck was seen as perhaps the best cruiserweight in the world, and Haye knocked him out in the 7th.

He then quickly and brutally KO’d Enzo Maccarinelli, and set his sights on heavyweight, with the goal of getting a fight against one of the Klitschko brothers. In just his second heavyweight fight, he won a world championship at that class by defeating Nikolay Valuev. Since, he has defended the title on several occasions, and it seems like his dream of fighting a Klitschko and becoming the recognized heavyweight champion is finally within reach.

Haye is a supremely gifted athlete, but none of what he has accomplished would have been possible without putting in the hard work and training at the gym, and without utilizing the right training equipment and gear to help him along the way. At first, he had to cut weight to meet the cruiserweight limit of 200 lbs, and this presents its own challenges. It puts an even higher premium on training long and hard, and focusing on sweating down, as opposed to being able to complete more strength training, eat the right kinds of foods, and focus on tactics.

But moving up to heavyweight then presented its own challenge. Haye no longer had to cut weight, but he had to add real strength and muscle, while staying lean and fast. Boxing isn’t about bodybuilding and lifting weights, although it appears that Haye could have excelled in that field if he wanted to as well. Instead, a fighter like Haye needed to build explosive body strength and muscle through rigorous training, bodyweight exercises and old school boxing training using equipment like medicine balls, pull-up bars and all the rest.

David Haye has said he wants to retire at a relatively young age, so it remains to be seen how many more times we’ll get to see him fight, and what else he will accomplish. But being a two-division champion isn’t a bad start. For Haye, from cruiserweight up to heavyweight, it all starts in the gym, and training with the right boxing equipment to give him an edge, from refining his skills with punching mitts, to working on his speed with the speed bag, to building the explosive strength and power he thrives with.

One of the greatest batsmen in the history of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar reigns supreme amongst his peers for his excellent play, his total level of accomplishments, and his all-around ability. The records he holds are staggering and can be seemingly read like a list on and on. Take a look at what Sachin Tendulkar has been able to accomplish in his career, and some of the ways that he has been able to thrive so successfully.

Tendulkar has scored the most runs in both one-day internationals and Test matches. He has scored over 17,500 runs in ODIs and over 14,000 in Test matches as of the time of this writing. He has the highest number of centuries in both forms as well, with 51 in Test and 47 in ODI. He is the first player to score over 2,000 runs in Cricket World Cups, and has the record for centuries, with six centuries.

He has also tallied up a number of awards, honors and recognitions, ranging from the 1997 Wisden Cricketer of the Year in 1997 and nearly 10 years ago, he was already ranked by Wisden as both the second greatest ODI batsman and the second greatest Test batsman of all-time. Other honors include Man of the Match 13 times and Man of the Series 4 times in Test cricket, along with Man of the Match 60 times and Man of the Series 14 times in ODI cricket matches.

Tendulkar’s great play has earned him a wide range of nicknames as well, which can be added along in the history books with his records and capabilities. He is known as the Little Master, the Master, Master Blaster, the Little Champion, and no less than the God of Cricket.

It’s not always the case that one individual is able to perform so excellently in the divergent form of the game. There’s a lot that needs to be done by one individual, ranging from physical capabilities and stamina, to mental strength as well. Tendulkar has clearly risen above all of his competitors because of his dedication to his craft, and the amount of practice and training he has put into his game.

Tendulkar started from a very young age and his stories of training and practicing for hours and hours on end are almost legendary. Right from the start, The Little Master knew what it would take to succeed, and he always worked hard on honing in his craft. None of what he has been able to accomplish would have been possible without the right training gear from the start, and throughout his youth and early days.

With everything he has already accomplished, the Little Master is still moving forward, adding more statistics, records, feats and accomplishments. For Sachin Tendulkar, like the best of the best in any sport or life, it all comes down to the hard work put in when the bright lights aren’t on. Physical strength, coordination and conditioning, mental fortitude and willpower and more are all honed through practice, and he has proven that above all else.

To follow in the footsteps of Sachin Tendulkar a player will need to use the a cricket bat that suits their style of play. At Cricket Pavillion we stock a huge range of bats including a selection of junior cricket bats.

Durable, high quality boxing equipment is essential in protecting you and your opponent during training and in a competitive fight. There is a vast range available from Punch bags and stands, body protectors and shields to boxing gloves and hand wraps. Whether you train at home or at the gym you will need a wide range of boxing equipment and supplies to suit your boxing needs.

Professional boxing has flourished since the 18th Century and is the oldest contact sport in our history. Some people still believe it to be nothing more than brutal fighting but there are many benefits to be taken from the training. This has paved the way for such workouts as Boxercise which embodies aerobics with punching, kicking, ducking, side stepping and blocking and is beneficial in enhancing hand-eye co-ordination, balance and timing.

In more recent years MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) has grown rapidly, and in particular UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), boxing is a key discipline also in these forms of combat.

The primary equipment you will need are boxing gloves. Go for a pair that is made from high quality leather and has high quality shock absorbency in the padding.  This will offer protection and also last longer. Fight gloves will conform to the shape of your fist and attain maximum comfort, support and grip. Training gloves, although similar to fight gloves, are designed for training and are classified by weight. Essentially, the heavier the glove, the more protection it will provide. Bag gloves are specialised for use on a heavy bag and come in a wide variety.

There are different gloves for heavy bags and speed bags. They have good wrist support and good hand padding and are flatter than fight gloves as well as being heavy in order to prepare you for keeping your arms up in the ring.

You will also require a certain amount of safety equipment such as mouth guards, body protectors, cups and headgear. Mouth guards protect the teeth and tongue and higher quality ones prevent shock to the brain from jarring of the jaw. Different styles are available for you to choose from in every item you require. Headgear provides padding on four sides for durability and shock absorbency. You can choose from open or full face protection in a range of sizes, materials and colours. Additionally they can provide ear protection with air-release ear channels that relieve excess air pressure.

When training at home, there is a choice of bags on the market devised for different types of workout. For example, there are heavy bags which are designed to take the most rigorous of attacks. Double end bags, which are made out of leather, and are designed for rebound and quick hand action. These come in six, seven and nine inch diameters. Speedballs are small and lightweight and recoil abundantly from each impact.

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Cricket happens to be one of the world’s most popular sports, with millions of fans in the UK, South Asia and elsewhere around the world. Not only does the sport boast millions of enthusiasts who eagerly anticipate matches by their favourite teams, but it is immensely popular as a recreational activity, with numerous amateur players taking to the pitch annually.

With so many cricket players around the world, there is naturally a large demand for quality cricket equipment; and with the launch of the new online retailer it’s easier than ever for players of every skill level to get the top quality equipment they need to play their best. From cricket bats to gloves, arm guards to shoes, helmets to stumps, Cricket Pavilion is dedicated to making the best cricket gear available to players at the best prices, all with the convenience and comfort of online shopping.

Providing all of the cricket clothing, protective gear and other cricket equipment players need, Cricket Pavilion offers a full range of products from Kookaburra, Gunn & Moore, Gray Nichols and other top brands along with news items of interest to cricket fans. Whether you’re in the market for new leg guards, stumps or a new cricket bat, the website is designed to provide cricket players with a user-friendly and convenient shopping experience. After all, what cricket enthusiast wouldn’t rather spend less time shopping for gear and more time actually out on the pitch?

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If you’re a cricket player, then it’s crucial to buy the right equipment for your needs. Here are some helpful tips for accomplishing that mission:

1. Shop around

As when buying equipment for any other sport, shopping around will help you to find the perfect equipment at the lowest price. After finding particular cricket gear, compare prices from at least three stores. But while good things come in three’s, getting 13, 30, or 300 price quotes will help you to find rock-bottom prices on cricket equipment. Also, consider shopping online, so you can do more price comparisons faster. The lowest prices on cricket equipment could be across town–or on the other side of the world!

2. Get personal referrals

Why do we love personal referrals so much? Basically it’s because we trust people we know, to give us sound advice. Does that mean that their advice is 100% reliable? No, but it’s more likely to be, than advice from a stranger. So ask friends and relatives who play cricket, where they bought their own equipment, and which brands and models they bought. More likely than not you’ll be satisfied if you buy the same equipment, or buy it from the same place.

3. Stay informed

Like any other sport, cricket gear trends can change like the wind. That’s why it’s crucial to know which brands and models are the hottest ones in the sport. Chat with salespeople. Flip through cricket magazines. And of course-surf the Net. This will help you to stay abreast of what’s new and exciting in the world of cricket.

4. Remember that size matters

It’s crucial that all of the cricket equipment you buy fits you to a tee. Otherwise, it could have a negative impact on your playing, and that would be a bad thing. So whether you’re buying a glove, helmet, or any other wearable cricket equipment-make sure that the size is perfect.

5. Start with the basics

There’s no need to get top-of-the-line equipment if you’re a cricket novice. Instead, just go with the basics. That includes equipment such as a cricket bat, ball, stumps, and protective gear. Cricket requires more equipment than other sports do, such as football and basketball. That means that you should purchase your cricket equipment gradually, if you’re just starting out. Who knows? While cricket can be a barrel of fun to play, you might ultimately side that cricket isn’t the right sport for you.

6. Choose quality brands and models

The “You get what you pay for” rule generally applies when buying cricket equipment. If you have a long-term commitment to learning and playing the sport, then you should definitely consider quality brands and models. It’s an investment that would certainly pay for itself, considering that inferior quality gear could fall apart the same day you buy it.

Whether you’re a novice or pro, having the right cricket equipment is crucial. These above tips will help you to spend less time shopping for cricket gear-and more time racking up runs.

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Getting The Best Boxing Equipment

Posted: March 13, 2011 in Boxing

Those that are considering taking up the “Sweet Science” of boxing for health, fitness, self-defence, or good, old fashioned competition are making a wise choice. Boxing has much to offer on many levels. Best of all, it is a fairly easy sport to get involved with since there is not much equipment needed to train. Better yet, a lot of the equipment can be procured at fairly low prices. For those curious about what kind of boxing equipment to purchase, here is a rundown:

Boxing Gloves: You need a good pair of leather boxing gloves produced by a legitimate provider of pro and amateur gloves. Don’t purchase low quality £15 gloves. Look to buy £40 – £60 gloves that are designed for serious training. Also, if you are over 170lbs you will want 160z gloves. If you are under 170lbs, you probably will want 14oz gloves although 16oz is fine as well.

Bag Gloves: These are very light gloves designed for hitting the heavy bag. Some trainers frown on them but they are worth purchasing.

Hand Wraps: Hand wraps keep the knuckles and the wrists protected when hitting. Injuries are greatly reduced when your hands are wrapped which is why wraps are so highly recommended.

Heavy Bags: Heavy bags are a must when looking to build explosive power in punches as well as to develop endurance. Heavy bags can range in weight and most gyms will use a 70lb to 100lb bag. There are lighter bags in the 40lb range and these bags are commonly employed for working the jab.

The Speed Bag: The venerable speed bag has lost some of it popularity in recent years but it is still an excellent device for developing hand/eye coordination and making sure you do not drop your hands too low. It is also a decent piece of equipment for building up the muscles in the arm and enhancing the endurance of said muscles.

A Jump Rope: If you are not working out with a jump rope, you are going to have a hard time being a decent boxer. Not only does a jump rope help you burn off fat and boost your stamina, jumping rope allows you to stay light on your feet. Being light on your feet is a must if you want to spar effectively. Boxing is all about footwork and jumping rope help you develop such footwork.

Safety equipment is also a must. If you do not have the right safety equipment in place when you are sparring, you run the risk of injury. Here are the three most important pieces of equipment you will need when you are “throwing a few rounds.”

Groin Protector: Low blows do accidentally happen and a quality groin protector will reverse any injury that might occur as the result of errant impact.

Mouth Piece: Not only does a mouth piece protect your teeth, it protects your entire jaw. As such to wear a mouth piece when you train is a must.

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